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Re: Koni Help Needed!

On Wed, 10 May 1995, Steven Verona wrote:

> I have decided to start improving the 86 4kq so I can attempt to win the 
> Nats. (had to say it, quite a debate started over its competitiveness) I 

	Never mind the detractors.  Now that you have made up your mind, 
lets do it, and do it right!!

> want to start with the shocks since it is the first weakness in the car. 
>  Koni sports seem to be the favorite recommendation.  The problem is 

	Never mind what they cost, they are very good.  Actually, 150.00 
is average for fronts from Koni.  If you want really good, get Penske 
strut inserts if they fit.  They are only about 600.00 each, and FULLY 
adjustable.  OK I realize that is a little ridiculous.

Graydon D. Stuckey