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Re: Greenpieces

An empty cat on a turbo car will pass emissions (and infact, I'm running half
of what is allowed on the 3 tests in my state, so I still feel that I'm a
greeny) assuming the rest of the engine is fine....  Most turbo cars don't
need cats, there on there cuz they are mandated by the EPA, not becuz they
have to have them....  I have had some discussions on this subject, and there
are those that feel that when the EPA invokes the "rolling Chassis tests"
that those that ate all their honeycombs may be in trouble....  Might agree
with that on a non turbo car, but it should be easy to tune out of the turbo
machines.....  Current CARB exemptions usually address the little loophole
that WOT is free as far as emissions go.....

I know my state is pretty strict and so is Dan Bocek's and we both pass
emissions with flying colors, no reverse mods.....