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Re: cat removal?

  On killing the kitty.....

  There are different definitions of "legal". For street operation in the
  US removal
  or hoggin' out of the cat is not legal. For SCCA Solo II competition,
  hoggin' out or replacement of the cat with one that flows better is also
  Personally, I'm much more concerned with being SCCA-legal Vs streel
  As to the morality of cat removal or hoggin' out the cat, I've found that
  the '85
  ur-Q passed the tough Taxxachusetts emission tests without the cat, but
  found that 1/4 mile times were the same with and without, when the car
  in a basically stock state of tune. So if you are basically stock, there
  is little
  to be gained by removing the cat, and, if you do, the environmental
  is not large. I think it would make a lot more sense if the
  powers-that-be would
  look at regulating diesel emissions on everything from cars to the
  trucks and leave the few modifiers and enthusiasts alone, IMFO.