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Re: cat removal?

On Thu, 11 May 1995, Walter Meares wrote:

> I think you'll find, if you check out your tailpipe emissions results
> with/without the cat, that it makes a *big* difference.  The mfrs didn't
> put them on their for no reason, and as far as I know, the Clean Air Act
> specifies emission levels, not technology by which to achieve it.  EPA's
> rules revolve around protecting the technical solution (among other things);
> since the cat is a key piece of the technology right now, they address it 
> directly in their rules.

You're right, there must be a reason. On my old escort, i had to take out 
the cat, and replaced it with a straight pipe, wouldnt pass.  Put in the 
new cat, passed easily.

However, my '69 Mustang  (302) passes real easily, and has better result 
numbers than my old 4000q.  ANd the mustang doesnt have smog pumps, 
charcoal, cats etc!!


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