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Re: cat removal?

On 11 May 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   Who gives a #(@)&*% about the difference between .000000001
>   GPM and .0001 GPM, besides the tree-huggers and the EPA and
>   when there's all those trucks running around spewing out 10 GPM?
>   In case there is any question I made up those numbers, but you
>   get the idea.
>   -glen

I was under the impression that the cats take out certain chemical 
compounds, and actually change them to something more benign.  I saw a 
couple of comparisons to the diesel trucks, which are not cat equipped.  
But diesels do not have that kind of pollution they are trying to take 
out of octane burning cars.  Sure, there is more particle pollutants in 
diesels, but I understand that all around they are substantially cleaner 
to our environment than our gas cars.  The goal isnt to get rid of 
particulate pollutants, just the chemical ones.


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