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100/80 comparison

  Hi all,

  Yes I know I sent the message to the wrong place when I tried to resubscribe.
  Yes, I am a worm. Humblest apologies.

  Anyway, we went to see an '85 100 CD estate yesterday. (5000 wagon if you 
  prefer.) We were getting tired of trying to cram things into the back of
  the 80.

  It's in pretty good shape (the passenger's window wasn't working, but hey, 
  you've got to have at least one electrical problem) and I liked the feel of
  it. A lot smoother and quieter than the 80. There were a couple of things
  I was wondering about though.

  Firstly, it felt distinctly sluggish when compared to the 80. It had the 
  2.2 5-cylinder non-turbo, engine code KU, which I thought ought to be good 
  for 135 HP or so, and I road test I saw quoted 0-60 times of 10.5 seconds,
  compared to just under 10 for my 80. The difference felt like more than that,
  though. Anyone who's driven both models care to comment?

  The front suspension also felt pretty soft - again, I don't know if this is
  just the difference between the two models, or worn-out shocks.


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