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Exhausts and engine mounts

    I had a new exhaust fitted earlier this year to my 1986 80 (1.8 4-cyl).
    Since then I've had to take it back to the garage twice, to fix a problem
    with the new exhaust clonking against the body when going over large 
    bumps. The first 'clonk' came from the rear, which they seem to have
    fixed. The second comes from the front of the car (sounds as though
    it's near the transmission).

    When I took it back the second time, they said they'd adjusted it a bit,
    but thet there was a limit to what they could do, because one of the engine
    mounts was worn, so that the whole exhaust system wasn't correctly

    This sounds a bit dubious to me. If the engine's sinking on its mounts,
    then the exhaust is surely going to ride further from the body? Are there
    any other symptoms of worn mounts - difficulty in changing gear, for
    example? I haven't noticed anything.

    We're thinking of selling this car, and it's slightly embarrasing when
    the exhaust makes loud mechanical noises during test drives ;-)


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