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Tires tires tires

     Well, thank you all for your comments, and thanks to all those who 
     have commented in the recent past.  I have gone over a bunch of 
     archives re: tires for my buddies (and before winter, my) 1990 100.
     Just one Q: I currently have Goodyear Eagle GT+4 P205/60/R15's on the 
     front and Pirelli P6 P195/65/R15's on the back (thats the way I bought 
     it with 55K on it). Any guess as to what OE was?, (my guess is the 
     Pirelli's).  Oops, I lied, heres another question: Mr. Tire 
     Salesperson says I can get BFG Comp TA's HR4 P215/60/R15's on it (BTW 
     she's not a quattro). Good idea?  
     Tom Higgins
     90 100
     90 Montero
     83 Wife
     85 & 88 Kids
     91 Dog