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Re: Can't play Radio...

> Is there a simple way to re-wire the radio so that it would be powered
> on/off with the ignition key.  i.e. like most American cars with radio
> turned off automatically when ignition is off.
When I replaced the radio in the Fox I added a relay to interrupt power to 
the main lead and energized the relay whenever the ignition key was insert-
ed.  The new stereo had lights that could not be turned off when the stereo 
was powered, so I had to either remove the lights or figure out some way of
emulating the "accessory" position in most other cars.  

I tapped into the switch circuit that sounds the alarm when you open the 
door with the key still inserted.  I believe that this circuit provides +12 
whenever the key is inserted, so it would probably be sufficient to use this 
as the positive supply to the relay.  Since I didn't want to overload the 
switch I added a single transistor switch to drive the relay.  A 12 SPDT 
relay from Radio Shaft should do the job ...

Let me know if you need more information.

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