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Cold strating problems, etc.

First off, thanks to all the responses about the lazy temp gauge on my '86
5kcstq.  I sprayed some contact cleaner on the plug and poof! temperature
read outs.  The only problem is now the cold start ability of the car is
non-existent.  I need ether to start it in the AM.  The car can then sit for
3 to 4 hours and start right up.  If it sits more than that, the engine
cranks and it sounds like an initial fire, but then nothing but cranking.  I
thought it might be flooding, but I don't smell any gas.  

The rest of the fuel system is pretty new (less than 1 year).  I put in a
new fuel pump, new fuel filter, and new fuel injectors.  Before I sprayed
the contact cleaner (Radio Slack TV tuner cleaner) all was well.  Now, I'm
bummin'. I have a new multi function sensor, but I'm hesitant to install it
after the temperature gauge function came back. Anyone seen this before?

The other thing driving me nuts is the instrument lights.  If I turn the
headlights on after the car is running, The whole dashboard goes dark (not
always, but maybe 8 times out of 10).  I can shut the ignition off, shut the
lights off, turn the lights back on and then restart the engine.  At this
point, I have all instrument lights except the computer readout.  A couple
well placed taps on the instrument cluster will bring this around, but I
know it's not good for the instruments or my knuckles.  This seems to be
some kind of loose connection or bad relay or something, but I am nervous
about blindly ripping out the dash looking for some needle in der haystack. 

Any help on these annoyances is greatly appreciated.

Allan Tygert