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Re: Audi on the way up 87 4KS

> exhaust system is free: I would like more info on replacing the single 
> outlet manifold with the dual outlet from an early Audi Fox.(?)  Need the 
> downpipe too, if you please.  I think Ti Kan has done this swap on his 
> 4K, but I can't remember.

I installed Techtonics Tuning's twin-tube VW Fox downpipe on my 1985 4000S.
I used the exhaust manifold from a '79 Fox Gti I parted out a few years ago
but any non-O2 manifold from a '74-'79 Fox or VW Dasher will work.  It will
bolt right up to the OEM cat but of course you can remove this for DSP.  If
you decide to go this route, make sure that when you order the pipe from TT
you tell them it'll be used on a 4000 and you want one without the O2 mount
already installed.  The stock downpipe has it mounted near the manifold and
not down by the cat so if you don't special order it, you'll have to figure
out how to plug it (in my case, I installed a 1-wire sensor and am using it
to monitor the fuel mixture) and locate the mounting boss where you can use
the OEM 3-wire O2 sensor.

> There is some other stuff I am going to do, such as look into  
> light-weight racing seats, as well as removing the A/C to shed some 
> valuable pounds from the chassis.

FYI, the vinyl rear seat from an '80 or '81 4000 weighs 3 pounds less than
the cloth seats from a late-model 4000.  If you're diligent, you can shave
at least 90 pounds off the car by updating/backdating parts from the early
'80s 4000 and mid-'70s Fox ... I'd tell you more but I don't want to share
ALL of my secrets now that you're a potential competitor.   :^) 

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