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Re: OOOOWWW-D.....National Tour in Evans

> I especially want to thank Robert, Jeffrey, and Glenn for all their
> detailed help....Thanks Guys!

If you mean me, then you're welcome...

> I have some major work ahead of me...all the little details that make a 
> winning car.  I think I am going to buy a g-analyst to help me sort the 
> car since it is hard to judge my success when I win the local and 
> regional events by a few seconds.  Does anyone have any experience 
> and/or opinions on the g-analyst?

If you don't have the bucks to pop for a more complete data acquistion setup
(or the ability to install one without modifying the car illegally!), then I
highly recommend the g-spot meter -- er, g-analyst.  I've been using one for
several years now and have found it very helpful ... not so much for setting
up the car but setting up the driver.  It's especially useful if you get the
laptop adapter and download your runs so you can analyze them in detail at a
later date and/or compare them side-by-side with those of your co-driver. 

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