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Re: OOOOWWW-D.....National Tour in Evans

In a message dated 95-07-05 23:52:47 EDT, you write:

>If you don't have the bucks to pop for a more complete data acquistion setup
>(or the ability to install one without modifying the car illegally!), then I
>highly recommend the g-spot meter -- er, g-analyst.  I've been using one for
>several years now and have found it very helpful ... not so much for setting
>up the car but setting up the driver.  It's especially useful if you get the
>laptop adapter and download your runs so you can analyze them in detail at a
>later date and/or compare them side-by-side with those of your co-driver. 
<<<<<<  Agree with Jeff here on the g-analyst....  I have been using one for
almost 10 years and find it most helpful in putting the seat of the pants
mods in digital form.....  Also agree that it tends to help the driver more
than the setup, but is very useful if you can find a repeatable test site for
baselining your susp mods.......  For auto-x it can easily show you where you
are not as smooth as you should be