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Lifter vs exh noises

>ually broken off(2 at each end), exhaust manifold leak do make a
>loud ticking noise which could be mistaken for lifters noise. The manifold
>noise did go softer when the car got warmer but never disappeared. 
>It was such a big difference after they were replaced! :) The car also
>runs better after the studs were replaced. Come to think of it there is
>virtually no lifters noise after the 3 to 5 mins of running. 
>I would check the exhaust studs rather than focusing too much on the

Definitely check those exh man studs, they do tend to break (and yes most
oftern in the head :(   ) causing the lifter like sounds....  Go at the motor
with a stealthscope to make sure that you aren't hearing an exh leak.......