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KKK RS2 Updates

Thought those of you inerested in the RS2 would like to have some details on
my travails into the KKKRS2 "black forest".....  After a promise of 6-8 weeks
---  12 weeks ago, we still havent seen the first 3 prototypes in the states
yet.....  Seems there are a few of these on order here in the states (10-12
combining the 3 largest importers here), and all seem to be on a holding
pattern somewhere in the autobahrns of KKK.....  A couple of international
calls determined that there are "a couple" sitting on the shelves at KKK, but
the price to get them here makes Ned look cheap......   Sooooo, after a few
more calls to keep the whole deal from falling apart, it looks like it might
get sunny again, but now another 4 weeks must pass.....  But the good news is
that my connection has put an order in directly and with one of the other
importers for 3, so we should see 6 instead of the original 3 we had
ordered.....  I will continue to post updates, and if things are looking very
bleak, I will certainly let you all know......  

The pieces parts to tweek the RS2's are sitting on the shelf waiting for a
RS2 for installation, so after some EH of some of the pieces, I will be
pulling my golden RS2 for the 4th time and getting the upgrades, at least
this will accelerate the development time of the available tweeks.....  Also,
since the tweeks we're looking at can be applied in theory to the stock audi
k24\26 turbo I am having a stock unit tweeked now and will be in a racing
buddy's 86 5ktq by thurs of next week, and I will report the results of that
venture following the install.....  This looks like (on paper anyway) it
could be a great complement to the IA stage II computer upgrade, at a very
reasonable cost (like under 500 incl the rebuild).....

Still targeting the $1k as the mark for the RS2....  Hoping to keep this a
realistic goal, and will keep all posted on my efforts...  The folks at KKK
are sure an interesting lot, here's to hoping the yanks' interest in turbo
performance upgrades gets some attention across the pond.....

On the exhaust developments, the 3in system is working beyond expectations,
the low end and esp the hi end response is unreal....  The biggest difference
that is noticed immediately is that there is no urgency to the motor or turbo
or exh when you put yer foot in it, in fact the whole speed thing is
effortless......  I have some ideas on how to tweek the stock system that
would prolly yield good results without the need to go 3in from the turbo
back, e-mail me if you are interested in those details.....  The one thing
you notice on the stock system is the amount of restriction at the turbo to
downpipe connection....  Specifically, the downpipe is cast crimped for nut
clearance, and the restriction is obvious just peering into the downpipe.....
 Since the wife nixed the 3in exh for her car in deference to hearing the
kids barney tapes at the lowest volume, I should be able to report a more
reasonable alternative 2 1/2 in system in the next couple months.....  More
to follow here......

Please e-mail me directly if you need any further information or

87 5ktqRS2 stage II - IA stage II --  3in exh
87 5ktq stock 4now
ex, now project car:
86 5ktq K26+++