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Re: ur-Q brake woes.....?

>>The brake warning light does light,
  >sometimes, when pumping the brakes with the engine running.
  >It's weird. It seems like two failure modes at the same time,
  >accumulator and master cylinder.....

  >I think the hydraulic boost system is OK, the PS works fine, but
  >no brake assist immediately after engine shut-down indicates
  >a bad accumulator. The way the pedal goes to the floor
  >indicates a bad master cyl.

Glen, That warning light may give us part of the answer. If it's a pressure
sensitive switch mounted on the master cyl then it knows nothing of the
status of the accumulator, right? I know you're not fond of parts swapping,
but I've got that '80 5000T master cyl handy....four lines and two bolts and
you've got your answer. I don't have a spare accumulator handy though. Might
be able to arrange delivery/assist if you'd like.

Lemme know,