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Re: Pro Rally 4000Q

Kind of hard to believe that the europeans sell cars by how they do in
Pro-Rally events....  Nice report Jeff, sorry to hear that the event wasn't
more exciting.....  I'm presuming that this was a Divisional not a National
event....  Unfortunately, SCCA and FISA never really got along, and the
distance to even get a spectator to a PR event, never really got interest off
the ground here.....  I watched a FISA rally in France about 8 years ago, and
the number of people at that one event was more than I ever saw while I
competed in the sport in the US hayday of the "killer B's in the mid
80's.....  I am hoping that we hold on to this sport, even by the skin of our
teeth, cuz to me, a Pro-Rally driver faces the most challenging of driving
skill of any motorsport going today.....  There is no track to memorize and
the total reliance on the skill of the navigator is an "only" in motorsports
of this era.  I do know, on the other hand, that the national rallies still
bring out some of the big boys here, Wild West and POR come to mind, where
the enthusiasm of the racers and the fans runs high......  

Again thanks for the info, makes me want to "cage" my car and put the 4 rings
back in the fray.....  Guess I'll go hunt up that Pro-Rally Buffum shot for
D'amato's home page to get myself back to reality......

BTW, I did talk to Ned last week, and he informed me that there is now a
tweeked 20v turbo 4000tq running around out west somewhere, so someone has
done it.....  Didn't sound like a cheap or easy project, but think of the
faces of some of those "sports" car drivers with that thing cooking......