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Re: Pro Rally 4000Q

Rui was trying to selling one of his 4000 Pro Rally cars at Rim a few 
months ago... I think it was around $8K.
 At Prescott on the end of stage 2  Rui was asking us if he could try 
one of our rims on his 4000 (Datsun 510 rim will not fit a 4000 we 
tried). He had 2 flats on that 18 mile stage and its a turn around. I think 
he said that he made it 10 miles before the tire came off the rim on the 
return stage. 

We lost our brakes about 6 miles in on stage 3.  This forced us to 
use the gearing to slow down.  This in turn caused our drive shaft U 
joint to fail.  At one point after the end of the stage on the trasit we 
were contemplating what would happen if the u joint completely failed 
on the car... there would have been no way to slow down except for some 
tree bashing.
 John Elkin was co-driving in a TQC with IA mods.  They were having 
problem with the turbo hose coming off.  The TQC DNF because the driver over 
heated not the car (it had to be about 95 to 100 out on the stages).

If you like more info on Rally check out http://www.reed.edu/~bradley/

I wish we could run Audis for Pro Rally but they cost to much to fix.

Kevin Linville
84 Euro TQC
86 4000 CS Q