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Another parts source for Qlist members

     I have just negotiated for Clair Audi (Dedham, MA area) to give qlist 
     members parts discounts similar to Carlsen Audi.  The break pads for 
     my '92 100 are $86 at Carlsen, $87 at Clair (list is $103).  The nice 
     thing is that they are within driving distance for most Boston area 
     list members (no shipping complications).
     The person I spoke with was Mac.  Barry is the second parts person 
     there, and should be aware of us as well (if not ask for Mac).
     Clair Audi appears to carry many aftermarket alternatives in addition 
     to Audi genuine parts, so make sure you know what you are getting.
     I'll be driving up there to pickup my pads and other stuff tomorrow.
     '90 100
     '92 100
     p.s. The usual disclaimers apply (I am only a customer).