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first autox experience

Hi everyone,
I like to share with you my first autocrossing experience yesterday.
Without knowing what to expect, at first I was just going to watch.  
But the guys over there were very friendly, convinced me to jump in.  
So I did.   It was great, I have had more fun than I expected.  
Although I didn't bring home any trophy, I was satisfied with my 
first try out.  Unfortunately I only had time to do two runs because 
I had other plans for the afternoon.  There were quite a turn-out, 
approximately 40 cars.  We had it in a parking lot.  Quite a nice 
one, offering a good balance of corners and straight away.  Also 
great for spectators;  good view from everywhere.

OK, bottom line.  I did 77 sec and 75 sec in my 2 runs.  The fastest 
lap time was 68 sec.   To be sure, I have made several mistakes.  I 
wish I could do a few more laps to correct those mistakes.

Mine was the only Audi in the event.  A lot of RX7's, Miata's.  1 
rabbit, 1 Corvette,  a few preludes, 1 NPV minivan (the drive is very 
experienced), several Z240's.   Some are stocks, others are mods.

I went in absolutely "stock".  Regular all season tires 195/60, 
normal tire pressure.   Well, there were body roll alright, some 
skiding on corners.  I suppose my speed was too high for those 
corners.  I understand that skiding is undesirable.  My gearing 
selection has some problem too.  In my 2nd run, I tried to stay in 
1st gear for the first section of the course.   I believe my high rev 
limiter has cut-out on me.  I didn't look at my tech. at all.

To cut the long story short, I had a great time, learned a few things 
about my own driving and my 90q.  BTW, the worst part is the helmet.  
I had helmet on for the first time.  Was it ever heavy.  I felt the 
helmet was controlling where my head moves.  With that heavy thing on 
my head, I couldn't straighten my neck;  it hits the ceiling of the 
car.  I had to lower the seat.  Then everything was out of syn.  I 
started changing my seat recline position, my forward/backward 
position.  What makes it worst is that, all of the above happened 
when I was sitting next in line to take-off.   I couldn't prepare 
earlier because I had to borrow a helmet from the drive a few cars 
before me.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the next autox event.


Solomon Ngan <sngan@netaccess.on.ca>
  '93 100s
  '90 90q20v
  '84 5ks