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Re: Removing Cat Urine smell

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jeff McMeekin - WWFO Technical Office say:

> The discussion of skunk odors leads to another query.  Anyone
> know how to remove cat urine odor from a car?
> Which leads to another question, when cats "spray" is that spray
> urine or something else?

It's urine.

The best thing to remove that is "Nature's Miracle", or one of
the other enzyme odor removers. It actually breaks down the
urine and gets rid of it.

It is pricey (hey, it's an Audi, right?), and takes a while
to work (it stinks worse than the urine for a week), but it
does work if used right.


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Only my cat shares my opinions, and it was a different cat that sprayed.