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R123a in A/C

"Graydon D. Stuckey" <graydon@apollo.gmi.edu> said:
We are working on a "scroll" compressor from Mitsubishi that runs continuously, 
so the surge goes away. . . . I'd like to put one on my 
5KCSTQ, but then I'd have to switch to R134a, and I don't relish that 
thought. . . .

Why the fear of R134a?  My '89 100Q 2.3 is running on R134a now, unmodified.  
No problems so far, and pleny cool.  If anyone is interested the hows and whys, 
say so and I'll post more.  (She does however exhibit the "surge" effect.)  

Doran Howitt
IDD Information Services
Livingston, New Jersey