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Re: turbo 4kq (was ???)

> 1) it IS possible to install a 5000 turbo motor in a 4000Q 
>   bodyshell.

And why shouldn't it be?  after all, the ur-Q and coupe are basically built
on Audi 80/4000 floorpans.

There is also a fellow running around the Seattle area with a turbo'd '84
4000q.  Anyone who attended the Portland, OR QCUSA events (last year or this)
may have met him.  I don't recall the installation details, but it is a
one-off--I believe he built this on his original motor! using a bunch of
parts of various pedigree, etc (5k exhaust & turbo, coupe intake manifold,
pop-off valve to control boost pressure, a la Japanese cars).  I think he
started into this before realizing it would be easier to drop in the complete
5kt engine + electronics.  If anyone wants more info, email me--I'll try to
follow up with him.