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Re: R123a in A/C

Robert Phillips writes:

> That's true.  You cannot put R134A into a Freon -12 system and 
> expect it to work.  I don't know why, but someone does.
> The thread was concerning *converting* an R-12 system to 134A. 
> As R-12 is getting to be expensive and a real pain in the a*s to get, 
> there are supposedly kits to convert your existing R-12 system to 
> the miracle, wonder drug, green-peace lovin', tree huggin', 134A.  
> Where are our rocket scientists when you need them?  There are 
> some big drawbacks of the 134A though.  I seem to rememer it 
> being pretty harmful to humans, if not trees.
> Someone who knows about this stuff, enlighten us?

see the URL:
author is admittedly biased, but it seems reasonably well written (then
again, I'm abit clueless on the topic, so...).  covers more than just
R-12/R134a--a few other cocktails I'd never heard about!