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Used Audi prices

>From: higginst@nimo.com  
>>'90 100 - low mi., leather, orig. owner, all svc. recs. - $13,250  
>>Is this price the average for a '90 100?  I bought an '89 100 with 70k
mi. and   
>>no leather for $5900.  I knew I got a good deal but this good?  There
can't be   
>>that much difference in price.  
>     Got my '90 100 /w leather and all the electrics (no winter package)  

>     last year w/ 54K for $10,500.  Been good to me, except now it needs a
>     new rack :-(     
My 1990 200, reasonable mileage (60K), very good condition, automatic,  
non-quattro was $11K this spring. Seemed to be the going rate for this car
the Boston area. Also just saw a 1991 200TQ wagon for sale at $18K.   
I'd expect that that 1990 100, even a quattro, should go for less than
Lee M. Levitt