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Are there performance parts for 88 80 Quattro?

Q1: Does anyone know of performance parts for my 1988 80 Quattro?  I
purchased the car about a year ago and its a great car but needs more
horsepower (there's never enough).

I'm looking for information on things like performance exhaust, headers,
chip replacement, struts, air box enhancements, and even performance springs
and sway bars.  

Q2: Also, how about better ideas for the anemic headlights?  I've tried
replacing the H4 bulbs with 55w/100w bulbs but they are still not even close
to the Hellas I installed on my Volvo.  How about good driving lights? PIAA
seems to have good lights.  I need them to see the deer as I travel the
roads of Pennsylvania at night.

Q3: Anyone know more information about the Quattro event at Limerock Park,
CT in August?  What kinds of things do they do at these events?  How abusive
is it to the car?

P.S.  During a trip to San Diego in December of 1993 (yes 1993), I exited
from the Marriot to see a photo shoot going on and there was a pair of Audi
A8 Quattros!  WOW!  They are going to be a great car when they eventually
get here.  They looked like a cross between an Infinity Q45 and the previous
style Nissan Maxima.  Great interior and great lines.