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getting to the a/c programmer

;I tried getting to the programmer due to the note today on soldering problems
;with the units. I couldn't figure out how to get to the thing (but I could see
;it and touch it).
;I have an 88 5000Q. There is a storage tray below the glove compartment which
;was the problem. The Bently doesn't show a tray. I undid the two screws for the
;tray and was able to leave enough space to unscrew a bolt for the left side of
;the glove compartment. I then got out the top right of the glove compartment by
;squeezing it (gently) and pulling down.

I guess I should have pointed this out in my original note...

There is a carpet covered piece of plastic covering the FI computer right 
where the passanger would kick the side wall with his right foot.  Feel 
around on the floor over there by that cover, and you'll find a phillips 
head screw that holds this on.  You'll also need to pull back just a bit of 
weatherstrip on the inner seal of the door too.  Once this cover is out, the 
package tray can be removed easily with 2 screws.  The glove box door does 
_not_ need to be removed.  Once the tray is out, you'll have a bird's-eye 
view of the programmer.

 - Mitch Loescher
   '87 5000S Quattro