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Little A/C trick for real hot weather

Thought I'd pass along a little trick I discovered for driving in really hot 
weather.  I was driving along the Louisiana causeway on a nice warm day (98 
F, with a 75 F dew pt.), and the A/C was on full blast, and ok, but not as 
cold as I thought it should be for 65+mph.  I started lowering the 
temperature set point and nothing changed.  I thought it was pegged on full 
cold, and wound up (as conrtol people say).  Then I set it on LO, and voila, 
it got noticeably colder. 

Upon further review, I found in the manual that after about 5 minutes, the 
fresh air door opens.  The temperature was above set pt, but the stupid A/C 
control isn't smart enough to leave it on recirculate or to put it back 
there if the interior temp gets warm.  Evidently it just waits 5 minutes and 
goes on fresh.  If the temp is hot all is then does is close the heater 
valve, hot blend door, and put the fan on high.  Problem is..on a hot day at 
high speed, the hot swamp air was just too much for the poor little 

The trick...put it on low until you get cold or comfortable then go to your 
favorite temperature.  That will hold the system on recirc.  And yes, I'm 
thinking of installing a switch that grounds the recirc solenoid in the 
programmer thereby locking it on recirc.  It gets hot here in Texas too.

 - Mitch