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To anyone remotely considering UNSUBSCRIBING - Please read this message ...

It seems that over the last few days there have been more spurious posts
about unsubscribing than what kind of car to be used as a guinea pig for
the de-skunk process ... Hope I didn't offend any guinea pig lovers ;*)

Here is a short message that I usually send to anyone that has mis-posted
an unsubscription message .....

In order to unsubscribe to the quattro mail list you must send your request 
as an e-mail message to:


Sending it to quattro@coimbra.ans.net simply mails your message to all of 
us around the world who are currently subscribed.  The contents of your 
message must include the list to which you were subscribed, which was prob-
ably either quattro or quattro-digest.  If you were subscribed to the 
quattro digest, the body of the e-mail message to the server to unsubscribe 
would be:

	unsubscribe quattro-digest 

If you still have a problem with unsubscribing you can contact the person 
who maintains the list:


Steve Buchholz

Oh yeah .... OQC (Obligatory Quattro Content) I managed to pick up out of
date copies of the parts microfiche for each of my Audis (as well as a 
couple I might consider purchasing) from a local dealer.  Call the parts
manager to find out what they do with the obsolete copies ....