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re: 75 Audi FOX

Not sure if you're in the US or not, but you could probably buy a used 4000
from around 1982 to 1984 for less trouble than upgrading your Fox.

Michael Moy

I have a '75 Fox  (in Europe Audi 80 LS) with no goodies at all. 
Now I am looking to push up the comfort in my car with things 
like aircondition, power windows, cupholder (but everything 
very ORIGINAL from AUDI!!). Does anyone know if those things
are available in the US, and how expensive they are? 
How can I tune up my 70 HP carb?
Is it difficult to convert to a fuel inj.?

Dietmar Schroeder

mail to: christian.schroeder@amda.or.at 

'75 Audi 80 LS (Fox)

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