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Differences between C, CS, etc...

>My 2 86 5000S machines both have the big "aerodynamic" headlights. Leroy McKie 
>says that the early 86 machines had the twin sealed-beam headlights, but 
>the later 86 machines had the "aerodynamic" headlights.

I prefer the quad headlights as they are easy and inexpensive to replace. The
larger ones can develop cracks and let moisture in, and are expensive to
replace. I have one plastic screen over one side; the other side has a crack in

The headlight accumulated about an inch of water before I had it drained. It
takes a few years to accumulate so I haven't bothered to replace the lens. The
old 4000 had the quad headlights and they were only about $5.00 to replace.