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Interesting observations...

A pair of interesting observations: 

1) Ever wonder how high Audi's temperature gauge will read?  I had to park
my car in direct sunlight when I ran to bank today and when I returned, it
was reading 125 degrees! (In reality, the ambient temp reached only 114 or
115 degrees but still...).

2) My radiator fan died this past weekend and, despite the heat, I've been
able to drive my '87 5000 to work (44 miles roundtrip) WITHOUT overheating.
I can't use the a/c, of course, but the temp gauge seems to hold at approx.
3/4 ... for the first time, I had to briefly switch on the heater while at
a traffic light (the temp warning light came on) but shut it off after the
car was up to speed again.  Amazing!

P.S.: I decided the OEM Bosch fan motor was much too expensive and instead
ordered a custom fan assembly from a place called Scotts Manufacturing.  I
plan to transplant the motor/fan assembly from their shroud to the factory
shroud ... for $90 plus shipping, I figured it was worth the gamble versus
$125 for a remanufactured Bosch motor or $250 for a new one.  With the ten
blade high-performance fan, the manufacturer claims it will move 2200 cfm,
which certainly seems like enough to me...

If it works, you'll read about it here first; if it doesn't, I'll keep my
mouth shut and use it on the racecar instead.

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