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Re: Are tours given at the factory i

> If you're going to be in the North end of Germany, you *HAVE* to take the
> car to the Nurburgring and run a couple of laps, or we'll never forgive
> you.  This is the most incredible (and also the easiest to get on) track
> that I've ever experienced.

Whenever one of the car clubs in town has an open-track at Firebird or PIR,
it seems all the Corvettes Budget rents end up out there ... same was true
for the Shelby CSX-Ts Thrifty used to rent a few years ago (I spun the car
off into the dirt at 70+mph with the windows down and it took us nearly an
hour to clean out the interior of the car before returning it!  Even then,
we got suspicious looks from the woman at the counter...).

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