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Trim levels

     Can anyone list the differences between these model designations:
     5000 S
     5000 CS
     5000 CS Turbo
     Since I bought my Audi a few months ago, I've started paying more 
     attention to other Audis I see on the road, and have seen the S and CS 
     designations. CFrom quattro-owner  Tue Jul 25 10:39:05 1995
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Subject: Driving the AutoBahn...
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Hello Steve.  I know nothing about tours, sooo.....
>   Also, we would like to drive on the autobahn. Are there places that 
> rent high performance cars? I would love to drive a Lotus, and maybe an 
> Audi convertable. What are the rates per day? What about a min. age 
> requirement? (I'll be 24 - ages of group will range from 19-24)
>                STEve

My opinion on my several trips to Germany over the last ten years:

1)  You don't need a "high performance" car.  My last car was a Nissan
	with a hefty 2.x Liter engine.  I got it up to about 120mph.

2)  My last trip showed me there were precious few places to CRUISE.
	Traffic was much heavier, people seemed to drive slower
	(or was that just my adrenalin rushing?)

3)  Audi's are great on the 'Bahn, as our company's cars are Audi 100s
	or 200s (in those years).  Better than a Ford Taurus here!

4)  The perky ones are the BMWs.  The fast ones are Porsches.

Just my opinion.