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Re: Trim levels

[from Jerry Fields]

>     Can anyone list the differences between these model designations:
>     5000 S
>     5000 CS
>     5000 CS Turbo
>     Since I bought my Audi a few months ago, I've started paying more
>     attention to other Audis I see on the road, and have seen the S and CS
>     designations. Curious as to how they differ from my CS Turbo, other
>     than the turbo itself. Also, is the 100 series basically the same as
>     the 5000 series, except for the model designation change? Outside
>     lines look quite similar.
To add to that. I've seen a badgeless 5000 look-alike with flared wheel
arches. Are these the late 100's in 89-91? before the new body shell of the
A6. It had the turbo style full width tailight panel over the trunk. And
also had wider track!!! The wheels came out of the body instead of being
way inside the girth of the doors like my 87 5000S. Looked like the thing
could eat a set of 225/50-15's without choking on it . . .

I shoulda looked to see if it had a rear differential and non rear beam
suspension. I don't think it was a V-8.

Ernest Wong