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Caddy A/C programmer...

     Last Saturday I went out to my local boneyard to examine an A/C 
     programmer used in Caddys. Results are mixed. The caddy unit (82 -90?) 
     Caddys with digital air conditioning use a programmer with some 
     similarities to my '87 Audi 5K CST. The units are not interchangeable.
     The GM unit carries a part number of 16050746. It mounts in an 
     'upright' postition, with the motor shaft at the top and the vacuum 
     inlets at the bottom, electrical connections at bottom left. Motor 
     looks identical, and carries a part number of 16050730. Arm is 
     different; the GM version connects to a metal rod to actuate whatever 
     it moves rather than a cable. Arm needs modification, or swap Audi arm 
     onto the GM motor.
     Board is very different, having 3 solenoids instead of 4. One of the 
     GM solenoids has 3 vacuum lines; I would guess it is doing the duty of 
     the 4th Audi solenoid. Lots more components on the GM board. Vacuum 
     connector is different as well, mechanically, and uses all vacuum 
     connections. 2 of the solenoids look interchangeable with the Audi 
     units. Only difference I can see is on the top, the GM units have a 
     filter screen, the Audi has the same filter, but with a metal plate 
     (with holes in it) above the filter material. 
     So, for my $25, I have parts...motor and 2 solenoids that should work 
     on the Audi programmer. Since my current motor has a stripped gear, 
     the motor alone may be worth the $25.00. (I didn't price a replacement 
     before I got the GM box.)
     What will the great Audi God do if I start putting Caddy parts in my 
     Prices for used Audi programmers seems to be stable at $125.00. 
     Rebuilt units at $170.00 and up, more or less, plus the core charge. 
     The GM boxes might be a good source for parts if you are inclined to 
     service your own A/C programmer.
     For any of you who might be rushing out to your local GM boneyard...
     Take a shortie Phillips screwdriver to remove glove compartment box 
     screws. A 9/32 nut driver fits the programmer mounting screws. Having 
     a short shaft driver helps, but with careful positioning, the long 
     driver bit works fine. Easier than removing the Audi box! The same nut 
     driver fits the vacuum connection retaining nut. A flat screwdriver is 
     handy for releasing the electrical connector from the box, and popping 
     the actuating rod out of the motor arm.
     I was quoted prices from $25 to $65 for this box, so check around 
     before you leave home.
     Jerry Fields
     Getting to know more about A/C than I wanted...