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Northern CA QCUSA Chapter Meeting ||POSTPONED||

I am sorry to give short notice, but I just got a call from Jay Eisenlohr 
stating that he has been called out of town and will not be able to attend 
the meeting.  Since it was going to be held at Rendition, it probably would 
not be appropriate for us to meet there without him.  Furthermore, I have 
not been able to make all of the phone calls to all of the local QCUSA mem-
bers to let them know about the meeting.  

We are rescheduling the meeting for Saturday, 5 August 1995, again at the 
offices of Rendition.  In the future we will find a centrally located local 
community center for our meetings.  Those of you who did not get the previous 
message can get the directions upon request ... just send me a direct e-mail

	Next NorCal QCUSA Meeting: 5 August 1995, 1:00 p.m. at the
	offices of Rendition in Mountain View.  For more info, 
	contact Steve Buchholz at (408) 456-6244 or s_buchho@kla.com

Tremendous apologies for any inconvenience!  We are looking forward to making
the QCUSA a much more useful organization for those of us who are not located
within a reasonable driving distance of the headquarters.

Steven L. Buchholz	KLA Instruments Corporation - RAPID Engineering
s_buchho@kla.com	M/S A1-3400, PO Box 49055, San Jose, CA 95161-9055
(408) 456-6244 (office/voice mail)	(408) 434-4284 (fax)

'88 5000CSQ Avant				QCUSA #317
'83 Quattro Turbo Coupe				QTC Registry #?????
'78 Audi Fox GTI 4+5 (ACHTZIG)