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Re: Seattle (was V8 To buy...)

Bruce Romero writes about his V8 and goes on:
>I have the automatic but I drive in the idiot prone
>Seattle traffic which is another whole story...

Hey--watch those rain comments!  Some of us (native) Seattle-ites appreciate
a good downpour to shoo away all the fair-weather transplants. ;)

As for the Seattle traffic, well...so we've got that congested traffic
problem (move closer to work); and we've had some challenges with our bridges
(move to the other side of the water); and there are some drivers out there
who didn't get their daily Starbucks, but I think you'll find them everywhere
(of course, did you ever notice how on I-5 in California, the slow-poke in
the left lane usually has a Wa or Or plate? that's not me!).  But don't
comment about the hills and slushboxes--some of us learned to drive with a
standard tranny--a VW bus, no less, with the pedals coming out of the floor
and the front wheels under your butt!  it really ain't that tough.

native rain-head