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Re: Tires, again

     I've had the D60A2s on two cars, and they are just fine. If you really
     want a decent performer, look no further. Only drawback: Consumer
     Reports gave them the highest rating for an all season performance
     tire, but I bought mine before that event so I was not prejudiced. My
     advice-don't be upsold, $10*4=$40, if you don't care about the extra
     money, buy the Dunlops and send me the $40 savings ;-).

     Tom F.

     1990 200 TQW IA Stage I
     1987 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon
     Wanna VW Syncro Westie

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Subject: Tires, again
Date:    7/19/95 7:28 PM

Quikie question,

I want a decent all season performer - I was set on Dunlop D60A2s,  the folks at
tire rack suggest the Yoko AVID MDH4s or the Bridgesone RE930s.  Two funny
things, one is that neither of the tires they suggest are in there adds or
brocures that I had sent to me, the other is that both are more than the Dunlops
($10 each won't break me, but is this an I want more cash thing).

Any comments....