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In a message dated 95-07-19 18:01:08 EDT, you write:

>1. A couple of the rear bushings are shot (gives me a klunking sound
>when more than 1 person is in the car...took me forever to figure
>it out) and after the dealer gave me the wrong part TWICE I was able
>to get the part number off one of the old bushings only to have them
>tell me it was no longer available. 

This sounds to me like the camber adj bushing for the rear.....  The part
runs about 80.00 at the dealer and you can do it yourself.....  it is right
behind the brake caliper and  looks like a tie rod end, and has an adj sleeve
in the middle then connects to a tierod end at the body.....  the middle
sleeve is actually holds the two tie rods......  You should heat the sleeve a
couple times to unstuck the tierods from each other........