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Re: WOT accessory cutoff switch

> The WOT switch from a 83> VW GTI should mounts to most t-bodies pretty
> easily....  I modified the bracket to fit my GLH turbo to kick off acc
> besides the A/C.....  I believe it was about 30.00 for the parts........

Simple minded me can easily figger out how to shut off the compressor during
WOT acceleration, you simply disengage the compressor clutch.  The deal with 
shutting down the alternator is a little more intriguing.  Are you messing
with the regulator?  It seems like a 90A relay in-line might be a bit much.
What other accessories get shut down?  Water pump? (how?), hydraulic fluid 
pump?  (I'll probably skip that one ...)

Of course I must remember to wire the WOT switch to the valve that bypasses 
the exhaust system .... ;)

Steve Buchholz

It'll be nice to stop having to hit the OFF or ECON buttons on the C/C every 
time I need a good launch on a hot day ....