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Re[2]: WOT accessory cutoff switch

     Interrupting that "little blue wire" does not always shut down the 
     alternator.  This wire excites the field windings.  The field windings 
     do not always become unexcited when voltage is removed from that wire.
     You can test this.  Interrupt the blue wire, put a meter on the "big 
     red wire" and ground.  Start the car.  The meter will read around 12 
     Volts.  Now with the car still running attach the blue wire.  The 
     voltage should increase to somewhere between 13 and 14 volts and you 
     might even hear the alternator.  Now interrupt the blue wire again,  
     if the alternator were to shut off the voltage should drop back to 12 
     volts.  I bet it doesn't.
     Mike Sylvester

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Subject: Re: WOT accessory cutoff switch
Author:  AUDIDUDI@delphi.com at SMTP
Date:    7/20/95 1:10 AM

> > The WOT switch from a 83> VW GTI should mounts to most t-bodies pretty 
> > easily....  I modified the bracket to fit my GLH turbo to kick off acc
> > besides the A/C.....  I believe it was about 30.00 for the parts........ 
> Simple minded me can easily figger out how to shut off the compressor 
> during WOT acceleration, you simply disengage the compressor clutch.
> The deal with shutting down the alternator is a little more intriguing. 
> Are you messing with the regulator?  It seems like a 90A relay in-line 
> might be a bit much.
Use the WOT switch to trigger a relay that interupts the little blue wire 
from the alternator D+ terminal and -- voila! -- you have an alt. cut-out 
switch.  On my normally (g)aspirated 4000 and 5000, it makes a very small 
but noticeable difference in acceleration...
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