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Re: Help: Hydraulic Fluid Leak

> My 5k has developed a hydraulic fluid leak. I top up the canister and it
> below the MIN mark within 6 weeks. There are small drops of fluid under the
> car below the firewall, but I can't see any leaks around the hose
> Where should I look?

Sounds like your rack is leaking.  The rack in my (her, whatever) '84 5kS
developed a leak in the rack also, from the seals inside of it.  I couldn't
ever see the leaks, until I got the unit out of the car.  The '84 got so you
ran out of fluid if you topped off and then drove more than 100 miles, so I
eventually just let the thing run dry.  Drove that heap for a year with no
power steering/brakes, wouldn't have replaced them except I gave the car to my
girlfriend and I didn't want her to wind up in someone's trunk one day if she
couldn't get it stopped.  Replacing the unit is a pain, but relatively straight
forward.  You do need a helper though.  If you decide to replace the unit,
lemme know and I'll give you some details of what to watch for.

87 5000CS TQ