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Re: Help: Hydraulic Fluid Leak

     Your steering rack is leaking, most likely. Very common problem on 
     Audi vehicles. I put a rebuilt in my '87 5K CST a few weeks ago. Car 
     had about 104K miles. 
     Check to see if the rubber boot on the driver's side of the rack has 
     any fluid in it. (Sometimes the bottom of the boot will be damp.) Some 
     folks can tell by the feel...the fluid will 'squish' inside the boot. 
     For best check, loosen the clamp and slide the boot toward the 
     passenger side. If there is fluid in it, the rack will need to be 
     The Bently manuals cover the replacement pretty well. It is not 
     particularly difficult, but is rather time consuming: 6 to 8 hours for 
     the first time is common. Rack comes out through the passenger side 
     wheel well. Depending on your budget, you may want to replace other 
     hoses and clamps while you are about it. The high pressure hose runs 
     about $100.00.
     Rebuilt racks go from around $225.00 to $275.00, and you will need 
     some extra hydraulic fluid and banjo bolt sealing rings. (Used where 
     hoses connect to the rack body.)  Used racks can be had, but for only 
     about $50.00 or so less than rebuilt. There is a core charge, refunded 
     when you return your old rack to your place of purchase.
     I would recommend changing the rack ASAP if that proves to be the 
     problem. I tried to limp for a while on mine, then one day it really 
     broke loose. I was close enough to home to make it, just glad I wasn't 
     on a longer trip!
     Jerry Fields
     '87 5K CST
     Footnote: Best prices I found were from AudiOnly in Colorado (303) 
     376-4341) and Blaufergnugen in Wisconsin (1-800-683-2834) Both quoted 
     me $225.00 for a rebuilt and $100.00 core charge. IUD.

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Subject: Help: Hydraulic Fluid Leak
Author:  "KEN" <kkaregeannes@hayes.com> at IPNET
My 5k has developed a hydraulic fluid leak. I top up the canister and it falls 
below the MIN mark within 6 weeks. There are small drops of fluid under the 
car below the firewall, but I can't see any leaks around the hose connections. 
Where should I look? How can I test for leaks?  The car has approx 105k miles 
on it.
Thanks in advance for any advice.