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A/C programmer & GM

     Ernest Wong mentioned that the A/C head was used in some Caddy modles 
     from GM. I called my local salvage yard and talked about the A/C 
     programmer, wondering if they were also the same, or nearly so. As I 
     was describing what I needed, the guy said "that sounds like the unit 
     used in the Sedan De Ville, '82 to '90, rear drive models." He said 
     they mount to the firewall with 3 bolts, rather than the 1 bolt and 2 
     'ears' the Audi uses. He couldn't remember if the front-drive Caddys 
     used the same programmer. Price: $25.00 if you took it off yourself.
     I got my programmer working last night, except for the motor 
     'clicking' sound, so air now comes out the dash vents. I'm going to 
     look at the Caddy programmer this Saturday. If the motors are the 
     same, I'll give it a try.
     My question: Has anybody looked at the Caddy A/C programmer? Is it 
     worth the trip for me to pull one off and see if they use the same (or 
     similar) board, relays, motor? Any information would be welcome!
     Jerry Fields
     Cooler but still curious...