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Smashed 85 Ur Quattro

I've just recovered the wreck of my bright red beast. It doesnt look so
pretty anymore, LH front wheel is nearly back on firewall lights,grill etc
gone slight ripple in roof.
Quote for repair $27,000!
Only one good thing about this situation, I'm still alive after hitting  a
delivery van @50+mph.
I hit the side off the van about the same time as the brakes, spun the van
270 degrees leaving the van very banana shaped , idiot van driver in
hospital & me pissed off!

Now comes the hard part, the Australian Audi importer charges prices that
drug dealers would baulk at. I've managed to scavenge most parts required
from old 5+5's in wreckers around the country but I still need Headlights,
grill  and  LH fender.
Any information on reasonably priced parts gratefully recieved (even a
pointer to which archive would help)

I have stripped out most of the shell but have baulked at the hydraulics.
Anyone have any advice on removal & storage of complete system?

I also need help with the wiring, I managed to extract most of the wiring
from amongst  the twisted metal (angle grinders are wonderful tools) but
the prospect of putting them back ,well
....where can I get a wiring diagram? Local dealers no help at all.

Looking foward to the flood of info!

ps Until I get the red one back on the road I'll just have to drive the
pristine 82 model-I dont like driving it all the time, its only got 50,000
km on the clock