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Bearings bad on a 87 4000CSq?

Hi Everyone.

Well, my car is demanding more of my time and money, now that it is almost
a year anniversary as my car.

The car has been a bit noisy in the rear end lately, and within the last
week, the noise has turned into a groan.  The groan doesn't vary with
engine RPM, but with road speed.  It also gets noisier in the corners, esp.
lefties.  I stopped by German Car Specialists in Bellevue WA after work
today, and they guessed bearings from my quick description.  My guess would
be the right rear, considering the noise is greater in left turns, but I
could be wrong.

My questions for you all are:

Does this sound like my bearings are going?  I don't know how old they are,
no records on the car from when I bought it.  Sorry.  If not what else
might it be?  Fluids in the axle disappearing?

If it is indeed the bearings, should I do both sides (or all four) at once?
What is the cost of the parts, and approx cost of installation.  I checked
in the Bentley, and it appears that this job is beyond me, and my tool
situation.  I also don't have a garage or flat surface to use either.

Is there anything else I should do at the same time as I do this while I am
at it?  Brakes/suspension/fluid change?

I am planning on a 300 mile trip home in a couple days, will this trip hurt
the car or should it be safe?  The whole point of the trip is to wash/wax
the red beast to bring back its wonderful color.

Anything else?

The car..87 4000 CSq, 109K miles, over 14K miles so far since taking ownership.

Thanks Much.

John Eickerman -- jke@wolfe.net       MacZone -- 1-800-248-0800 x3997.