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Brake Booster Help!

Howdy, folks.  Two months ago, we had a problem with our 1990 200T; 
when we fired it up in the AM, the brake effort was very high for 
about one minute - boost wasn't coming up.  Had the booster replaced 
($600+) and it has been OK since then....

But in the last two days, I've noticed the same problem.  Boost is 
almost non-existant for one minute or so, and the red "Brake" light 
(which doubles for a parking brake reminder) stays on until just 
after the brake boost is up.  AFter the car has been run one time in 
the AM, it's OK for the rest of the day and the problem does 
not re- appear until the next AM..although sometimes the brake light 
stays on for a few seconds after the parking brake is released, so 
the problem may be present but not "perceptible" to my foot.

I've checked fluid (as per owner's manual) and it appears to be OK.

Any ideas???  I suppose it could be a bad part - which would mean 
negotiating with VW of America, as the dealer who did the work has 
gone out of biz!!

BUT - if I can deal with this myself, I will.  I can replace a 
booster as easy as they can.....unless I have to get into the anti-
lock system.  

HELP!!!  ideas welcomed and sought eagerly!!  Test procedures, ditto!!

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