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Re: D40 or Comp T/A ?

Nick asked: 
> Please help me figure out what tires to order for my car,
> I'm considering D40 M2's or Comp T/A VR4's.
> Car: '88 5000CSTQ Avant
> Requirements: Performance oriented tire - this car gets
> driven fairly hard, and will go to Quattro club track
> events from time-to-time. However must be good in the
> rain, and adequate in snow. I don't switch tires for
> the winter.
> Is the D40 an "all season tire" or not?
> What other good candidates are there?

Nick -  the BFG is a great all-around tire, but may be a bit soft for 
performance use.  The Dunlop will NOT be as good a tire for winters, 
but will probably outperform the BFG in hard cornering.  I don't 
think you can get both winter performance and high cornering 
capability from the same tire......also, the Dunlops I've run 
recently, although I like them, have worn out VERY quickly.

Don't know how much help this is.....

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