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Radio adventure....

Some days ago I mentioned that my wife's '91 100's radio died...here is a long
story about a really short job.

After the radio died, I called up Paul Miller Audi (NJ) where we bought the
car this Jan., and the service guy said yes, the radio was covered by the
Audi pre-owned car warranty, but I had to call the parts department to 
order the radio, so I called and I was told it would take a week and $125 if
the thing isn't covered by the warranty.

Called Somerset Audi (NJ), the service guy said the pre-owned warranty would
not cover the radio.  I called their parts department and they had one in 
stock for $81 and change plus tax.

Waited for a week, Paul Miller Audi called and told me the radio was in.  I 
called service and asked if they could just let me do the work and I would
save my time and theirs.  Of course the answer was no way, an Audi certified
mechanic had to work on that to verify all kinds of things for the warranty
work.  I aske for an appointment, and yes folks, it would take one week before
they would take a look.

Rather peeved, called back Somerset Audi, thinking I would just pay the $81
and forget about the hassle and time waiting.  Got the radio, and put the
thing in the car right in the parking lot, the radio worked but one station
button was not working too well.  Took the thing out, and returned it and
got credit back for my charge card.  Asked the guy to order one, and was told
it would take a day or two and I should call the next day.  Called back the
next day, the voice from the other end said the dealer is in receivership,
well whatever that meant, I figured the dealer didn't pay its bills....
oh well.....  BTW, this dealer was recommened by Zafer some moons ago to be
giving good deals on parts and repairs.  Stephen Soto is no longer wiwth 
the dealership and I think he is now with Essex Sports Car (another Audi 
dealer in my neighborhood).  

Hey, so I called up Essex Sports Car and was quoted a price of $99 for a
radio swap and it would take 3 to 4 days.....argh....!!

A week and a half went by and still no radio  .   So I decided to let Paul
Miller handle their warranty work, today to be exact.  Took the car in during
lunch at 12:10.  Told them exactly what i found, i.e. radio was dead, all
fuses ok, including the one on the radio.  Waited for an hour, and then another
15 minutes for the service supervisor to try to find out the code of the radio
which the mechanic forgot to put down and went away for lunch.  I still don't
have the code to the radio....but hope I don't have to go back physically to
show them my warranty.  

Now, anyone wonders why Audi or other car dealers get such bad reputations ?
You know, I don't think Lexus or Infiniti owner would face such problems do 
they ?  

Oh...get this, I called Audi directly and see if the radio was covered under
the pre-owned warranty, the answer I got after a long wait for the person to
consult with a supervisor, and to no one's surprise ...radio is NOT covered.
I think, if the person isn't sure whether the item is covered or not, the
standard answer is always NO.

You know, I don't know what else an Audi certified mechanic can do to the
radio after finding that the radio just would not work with 13 V to the
unit other than put in another radio.  Taking the radio out and putting in
a new one shouldn't even take more than 5 minutes including putting in 
the code.  I know, because I timed myself once :).

Funny story isn't it :)......

Tak Cheung
'91 100, '92 Saab (aka Sob) 9000S